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Cosmic Cowboy

2011 Intros

  • Cosmic Cowboy

    Cosmic Cowboy t01ab (Surfing on the Sty x Tie Dyed Moon) 30" tall, M, Dor, 5 1/2" diameter warm rose with multi colored parfait eye pattern of etched dark burgundy, light purple violet, dark charcoal purple and pale maroon. Crisp multicolored chevrons on the sepals really add distinction and flare to the blooms and seem to be a dominant characteristic passed on to its seedlings. Cosmic Cowboy is an essential part of my breeding program for dormant, northern hardy daylilies with distinctively patterned eyes. I use a 5 tool method in evaluating seedlings healthy plant habit, branching and presentation, bloom distinction, consistency and fertility. Cosmic Cowboy is one of those rare 5 tool complete kids, sinfully fertile both ways and generously imparts its good qualities to its seedlings.
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  • Franky's First Candle

    Franky’s First Candle T03z-2, 28” tall, EM, Dor, 5 ½” diameter Soft peach pink with a dramatic eye blended subtly with lavender, and pink-purple , etched in violet. Sepals display a light chevron of multiple colors. Franky’s First Candle is a beautiful daylily named to remember the son of a special friend who was lost due to SIDS. 3 way branching with a bud count of 18-20 and fertile both ways Franky’s First Candle is a very special daylily. A powerful parent for dormant broken pattern eye zones; only Cosmic Cowboy has had more patterned seedlings selected. Franky’s First Candle is destined to make a tremendous impact on northern hardy patterned daylilies. All proceeds from Franky’s First Candle in 2011 will go to benefit the SIDS Charity “First Candle”.
    (First Candle is a national nonprofit health organization uniting parents, caregivers and researchers nationwide with government, business and community service groups to advance infant health and survival. With help from a national network of partner organizations, we are working to increase public participation and support in the fight against Stillbirth, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other causes of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID).
    First Candle is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Recently ranked as a four-star charity by Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator, First Candle also meets all guidelines as set forth by the Better Business Bureau and is listed in its Wise Giving Guide. We are proud of our ongoing record of maintaining administrative costs below the industry standard of 25.)

    $100 SOLD OUT

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  • Grandma Great

    Grandma Great t03S-2 ((Shy Ellen (Concrete Blond x Great White)) 37” tall, M, Dor, 6 ½” dia. Wide 4 way branching hold these huge mother-of pearl white blooms always in a display and never crowded. Not a perfect white as it has soft clear pink and lavender over tones but the iridescent white base makes its beauty gentle and delicate. Each bloom is a perfect copy of each other and float above the rich blue green foliage almost like perfect porcelain art. Grandma Great is not one of these near whites that need a full day of sun to fade into a white impact plant, Grandma Great is as fresh and dazzling at 7 am as it is at 7pm. Elegantly ruffled and displaying a tiny green heart below a radiating yellow sunburst throat blending gently across the flower face. This is a high impact daylily that makes a bold statement in the garden. Named for and by Rita’s mother Winnie, Grandma Great is an introduction I am very proud of. Extremely fertile both ways and a outstanding parent for fancy northern hardy whites with size. $150

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  • Marmalade Moon

    Marmalade Moon t03S-3 (Shy Ellen x ( Concrete Blond x Great White)) 32” tall, ML, Dor, 5 ½” bloom dia. Pretty, soft, orange sherbet polychrome with an apple green heart and a yellow radiating sunburst throat that blends subtly into the orange, pink and peach petal colors. Refined pie crust ruffling and accessorized with orange and gold ornate edging and heavily diamond dusted. Bold 4 way branching and 25 + buds makes Marmalade Moon an absolute stunning clump. A full sibling to Grandma Great, great impact value runs strong in these genes. Marmalade Moon makes a powerful statement in the garden. This is a very pretty pastel clear color on an amazingly elegant bloom; a stunning long blooming daylily. Fertile both ways and an easy pod setter. $125.00

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  • North Wind County Fair

    North Wind County Fair D01a ( North Wind Drifter x Scarlett’s Web) 42” tall, dor, diploid, Late, 7 “ diam. Pink Lavender cascading unusual form. Beautiful erect 3 and 4 way branching with 20 buds. Nice tall powerful presence in the back border late season garden. Fertile both ways and a tremendous parent for striking unusual forms. The kids I bloomed out of it this year were stunning. $100

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