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Simply Elegant Garden Markers Proudly Presented by Northern Exposure

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The design of the Simply Elegant Garden Stakes was born from the need for a more elegant, less obtrusive means of labeling unique plants in the discriminating garden. In short the Simply Elegant stakes are the only garden stakes designed by serious gardeners for serious gardeners.

There are a great many advantages to having a removable faceplate for your garden stakes. We feel Simply Elegant Garden Markers are the most elegant and affordable garden stake on the market. The uv stable material of the face plate is light and soft but grips the wire firmly. The tab at the bottom of the plate ensures the faceplate will not come off unless you want it to. The wire stake is 5/32 carbon steel powder coated black to prevent rust.

Garden Stake Assembly Instructions

  1. Start with faceplate "face up" and thread tab hole onto the short "tang" end of the wire
  2. Thread plate along the top of the wire.
  3. Thread down the angle.
  4. Snap onto wire
  5. Tuck tab under

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